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Beef Solutions for Nutrition, Health and Performance

MarSyt provides solutions for all segments of beef production that give producers a competitive advantage through nutritional technologies that address challenges impacting the health and performance of beef cattle.

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Rumen Health - HILYSES


Good nutrition and gut health are vital for successful beef operations. HILYSES supports cattle health and performance by helping to maintain a healthy rumen and high functioning immune system to handle challenges. This is especially important during times of stress such as shipping and receiving or any time feed intake is suppressed.


HILYSES contains a full dose of yeast culture, mannan oligosaccharides (MOS), free mannose sugar and beta glucans. Yeast culture stimulates digestive microflora which positively affects dry matter intake, rumen pH and nutrient digestibility. Mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) have binding sites for pathogenic bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella and beta glucans are notable for their ability to have a positive effect on the immune system. This effect is directly associated with the ability of the beta glucan fraction to activate white blood cells in the immune system to increase resistance to infection and promote healing of damaged tissue. 


For Cow/Calf Production, improvements can be seen in fiber digestibility, ration palatability and intake, calf weight gain, milk production and overall body condition and health.


For Feedlot Production, improvements can be seen in ration palatability and intake, average daily gain, feed efficiency and overall health.

Learn more about how HILYSES can help keep your beef cattle healthy on our blog.

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Mycotoxin Management - NOVIN-S

Mycotoxins in feedstuffs can be very challenging for producers. These toxic compounds are unpredictable and can cause a wide variety of health issues which also affect production leading to economic losses. Mycotoxin effects on health and production include decreased dry matter intake, slower growth rates, poor conception rates, reduced longevity, increased disease susceptibility as well as a significant impact on rumen function and gut health. When the rumen’s ability to detoxify toxins is impaired, it is then the animal’s liver that is being affected and needs to convert toxins into something benign that can be excreted. If the animal is no longer able to detoxify these products, this can lead to oxidative stress.


NOVIN-S   is a well-researched product containing plant-based ingredients that have proven liver protective qualities as well as polyphenols to help counteract oxidative stress not only from mycotoxins, but also the stress of high production. Also, NOVIN-S   contains fermentation extracts that help maintain immune and rumen function, cellulolytic activity, and proper rumen protozoal numbers to keep rumen performance steady as well as maintaining the ability to fight some of the mycotoxin challenge naturally. By adding NOVIN-S   to a diet, you are providing your cattle with insurance against a mycotoxin challenge by supporting rumen, liver, renal, immune, and reproductive health.

Learn more about how NOVIN-S  can help your beef cattle be more profitable on our blog.






Acidosis Management - COW-MAG


When pH drops below the optimal range (6.5 to 7.0), the health and productivity of the animal suffer. Below a pH of 5.5, acidosis can occur. Cow-Mag is a pulverized magnesium calcium supplement. Cow-Mag counteracts or neutralizes acidity.

Why Cow-Mag?

  • Cow-Mag can replace 50% of Sodium BiCarb.

  • Cow Mag is a very cost-effective source of magnesium and calcium.

  • Cow Mag is a safe and economical product!

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