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GeoBond® absorbs up to 120% of its weight in moisture and improves conditioning, pelleting, and flow-through performance in feed mills. A university study demonstrated that GeoBond® has a higher pellet durability index than a competing product while providing considerable cost savings.


GeoBond® does not bind vitamins or minerals and contains safe levels of chemical elements. When assessed for its toxic equivalence factor using the World Health Organization scheme, GeoBond® tested negative for any dioxin and furan pollutants.

GeoBond® is an OMRI-listed natural diatomaceous clay consisting of roughly 45% diatomite and 55% montmorillonite. Both substances are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FDA. After mining, it is further processed using an exclusive wood burning method to enhance its active properties.  The resulting product is a grey odorless granular material which has a density of about 42 pounds per cubic foot.

GeoBond® is a product of Bennett Mineral Company and a registered trademark of Geo Research Associates.

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