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Gut Health and Stress Management

Novin® S is a pioneering technology that helps animals cope with both abiotic and biotic stressors via a multifaceted, holistic approach. 

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Improving Potassium Supplementation in Dairy Cow Diet With a Protected Potassium Carbonate

High-producing cows lose potassium through the normal, everyday function of producing milk, especially during heat stress. Potassium (K+) supplementation is critical in dairy cattle during early or peak lactation for proper dietary electrolyte balancing and several studies have shown it to be the most efficient way to reach a dietary positive balance necessary for buffering and ultimately maintaining high producing milk and milk protein production.

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Typical Analysis

Calcium: 22-25% guarantee

•Magnesium: 11% guarantee, typically 12%

Cow-Mag has over 2x the surface area of it's leading competitor

•Larger surface area= increased absorption, speed of absorption, and overall bioavailability

•Reactivity and hence bioavailability of both calcium and magnesium is improved with finer particle size. Lundquist, Rick. (2020, April 1) Magnesium: The Most Critical Mineral. 

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